• Webinar: Cost & Performance considerations for selecting AWS or Azure

    Recorded: Thursday, June 14th, 10am Pacific
    Will you save by migrating your workloads to AWS or Azure? What will be the cost and performance ramifications? View this webinar to learn Akasia experts how to discover your on-premise environment and map to most optimal AWS and Azure options from a cost and performance standpoint.

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  • How Can We Help You?

    • Cloud Costs Planning

      Calculate cloud costs of your in-house workloads if they were to run in the cloud. Model realistic monthly costs for AWS, SoftLayer, GCP or Azure. View recommended cloud templates and get clarity on hidden costs such as network, IO, etc.

    • In-House Chargeback

      View monthly costs of operating your workloads in-house. We take into account all cost factors - hardware, software, administration and facilities - to get an accurate view of what each workloads costs you to operate.

    • Right-Sizing to Save Cloud Costs

      On-premise virtual machines are often over-provisioned, or more VMs are provisioned than are being used. Use Akasia CloudView to get visibility into areas of over provisioning, view our recommended right-sized templates to save an additional 30-60% in the cloud.

  • Akasia CloudView Features

    • Cloud Planning

      Today enterprises are actively considering moving their on-premise environments to the public cloud. Mapping a VM to the public cloud involves understanding the capacity (vCPU, memory, disk) allocated to the VM as well as its network and IO usage then identifying an equivalent template in the cloud. Mapping hundreds or thousands of VMs to the cloud manually quickly becomes unwieldy as each public cloud has hundreds of template options.

      AkasiaCloud SaaS maps thousands of on-premise VMs to equivalent cloud templates by discovering the on-prem VMs and their characteristics and creating a list of the closest equivalent cloud templates for AWS, Azure, GCP, Oracle Cloud and SoftLayer.


    • Right-Sizing for More Cost Savings

      The Akasia CloudView Software analyses the usage of your VMs and calculates the potential cost savings for you from right-sizing in the cloud.

      Our customers routinely save 30-60% additional IT costs by following right-sizing suggestions offered by Akasia CloudView. What is unique about Akasia is that you can get right-sizing recommendations within minutes after ingesting the on-premise data (instead of waiting for weeks, as with older monitoring products).

    • Access to Cloud Pricebooks

      In addition to providing cloud template recommendations, Akasia SaaS also lets you choose options from the entire pricebooks of AWS, Azure, GCP, Oracle Cloud and SoftLayer within the Akasia platform. This allows you to model a full cloud environment for cost planning purposes.

      These pricebooks are updated every 24 hours within the Akasia platform so you will always have the latest options to include in your modeling exercise.

      Read more details about our solutions for AWS, Azure, GCP, Oracle Cloud and SoftLayer here.

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  • Download Our Technical White Paper

    This white paper describes our plan for cloud and cost optimization methodology and also details a customer case study.

    Who should read this white paper:

    Any IT manager who manages physical and virtual workloads whether they are running in-premise or in-cloud and would like to measure the cost of running each workload for the purposes of:

    - optimizing the infrastructure to save costs

    - planning for migrations of workloads to other platforms/sites/clouds

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    Is your cloud strategy stalled?

    Akasia’s cloud cost calculation tool simplifies and speeds up the process of identifying migration-worthy applications and calculating the costs of running them in the cloud.

    Request a demo with our tool and experts and see how easy it is to calculate your per VM/workload costs and implement your cloud strategy.

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