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What you can do with our SaaS Platform:

  1. Akasia’s cloud planning applications are SaaS soutions, so you have the instant gratification of comparing cloud costs without installing software on premise
  2. Enjoy additional charts comparing compute, network, storage, IO, etc. – now you can see the cost variance between clouds for each of these elements
  3. Enjoy improved usability with easier navigation and intuitive graphs
  4. Ingest on-premise configuration and utilization data with the Akasia Remote Collector
  5. Compare on-premise costs to costs in AWS, Azure, GCP, IBM Cloud Oracle Cloud and VMware Cloud  – prices are updated daily
  6. View recommendations for equivalent cloud templates
  7. View recommendations for right-sized cloud templates for additional savings in the cloud
  8. Add advanced cloud services such as load balancers, support, etc. to build realistic cloud cost models

Ready to upload your on-premise data, view recommended cloud templates, right-sized savings and monthly cloud costs?

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