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How can we help you with cloud planning?

You have chosen your cloud platform

You have chosen your cloud platform and are ready to migrate your on-premises applications. We can help you model various resource and licensing options in the cloud platform to help you compare various options and optimize your costs before you migrate.

The Akasia Infrastructure Modeler builds the cloud bill of materials for you so that you know EXACTLY what to order in the cloud to migrate your on-premises applications.

You haven't chosen your cloud platform yet

You haven’t chosen your cloud platform yet and perhaps are not sure if it makes sense to migrate your on-premises applications to the cloud.

We can help you model cloud costs for AWS, Azure, GCP, IBM Cloud and VMware Cloud, and a variety of cloud resources within each cloud. You can make a decision on if it makes sense to migrate and if yes, to which cloud platform, and which resources within that cloud platform using one of our products and services.

Our Products and Services

For "lift & shift" migrations

The Akasia Infrastructure Modeler (AIM) is a SaaS application that discovers your on-premise resources and provides equivalent and right-sized cloud templates in minutes. AIM includes “hidden costs” such as network and I/O that incur extra charges in the cloud.

The AIM report gives you a cloud bill of materials and costs that form a starting point for your lift and shift cloud migrations.

For new cloud deployments

The Akasia Cloud Modeler (ACM) is a SaaS application that allows you to select and configure cloud-native resources such as serverless computing, cloud storage and cloud data bases, etc. and compare the costs across different clouds.

ACM always has the latest cloud resources and is your go-to for refactoring to cloud-native options.

Cloud planning services

The Akasia Cloud Experts (ACE) is a team of cloud pricing experts who provide you with expert services involved in costs planning, bill of materials, performance estimates as well as cost comparisons across clouds.

Our SaaS tools are easy to use and our experts further simplify your cloud transition projects so that you can focus on your day to day job.

Our Cloud Platform Partners

The Akasia Infrastructure Modeler (AIM)

AIM is a SaaS application that enterprises and service providers use to estimate granular “lift & shift” cloud costs for their on-premises applications

AIM Customer Case Study

Apache Corporation needed to move their ERP application to the cloud. They spent many days parsing through calculators and price books for AWS, CenturyLink and other cloud vendors but could not determine which cloud was most cost-effective. They purchased AIM licenses which allowed them to discover their VMs and model cloud costs in minutes. Read the case study to learn which cloud vendor was the most cost effective.


Discover Your On-Premises Infrastructure

AIM discovers applications, virtual machines and physical hosts, their configurations and usage patterns to give you a jumpstart in modeling their costs in the cloud.

Our discovery is agentless and takes only minutes to complete.

Map to Cloud Resources

After the discovery AIM presents a list of equivalent and right sized cloud resources that form the baseline for your cloud modeling.

AIM’s mapping includes “hidden costs” such as network usage and IO to produce realistic cloud cost estimates and prevent surprise costs in the cloud.

Add Cloud Services

You can add cloud services such as load balancers, cloud storage, applications and support to flesh out your cloud model to a realistic form.

Now you have the full cloud bill of materials that is the equivalent of your on-premise infrastructure.

Compare Cloud Costs

AIM modeling results clearly show side by side comparisons of on-premise vs. cloud, and also compares costs for running the same resources in AWS, Azure, GCP, IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud and VMware Cloud.

Use the AIM output to make informed decisions about lifting and shifting your on-premise infrastructure to the cloud.

The Akasia Cloud Modeler (ACM)

ACM is a SaaS application that enterprises and service providers use to estimate granular cloud costs for their new deployments

ACM Customer Case Study

The market intelligence team at a large enterprise was required to stay abreast of the latest cloud services and the costs to provide guidance to their sales teams and input to executives.

The team found it impossible to manually up to date with comparing and configuring the various cloud options until they found ACM.

With ACM they simply plug in the services they want to compare and they get the comparisons of the options from the major cloud vendors.



Select New Cloud Services

Select cloud services from ACM’s list of categories. The categories include compute, network, storage, data services, AI, media, IoT and all other services available in major cloud platforms.


Configure the Services

Once you have selected the cloud services, you configure them based on your needs. ACM offers guidance through the configuration steps to simplify and expedite the process.

Compare Cloud Costs

ACM modeling results clearly show side by side cost comparisons for running the selected services in AWS, Azure, GCP, IBM Cloud and Oracle Cloud.

Why Customers Love Akasia

Havebury saved more than a month of discovery, research and mapping by using the Akasia Infrastucture Modeler to model their on-prem environment for the cloud.

“We were able to model various savings options for our on-premises environment in Azure such as right-sizing and BYOL, and build the list of Azure resources in minutes.”

Richard Last

Systems Specialist, Havebury, UK

Apache settled several quarters of indecisiveness and used the cloud costs data modeled in Akasia to support their cloud migration decision.

“Armed with granular cloud costs data modeled in Akasia specific to our workload we were able to make confident migration decisions.”

Pavan Bukkapuram

SAP Basis Lead, Apache Corp

Akasia helps Cognizant keep pace with price and product changes in the cloud to present their clients with accurate and up-to-date cloud assessments.

“Our clients are constantly impressed with the cloud savings options identified by Akasia such as the most relevant compute templates, right-sizing, BYOL, uptime, VMware in the Cloud, etc.”

Jagan Kaveripakam

Chief Architect, Cognizant

Chevron used Akasia to identify the best cloud resources for their selected their cloud platfrom and compare costs across multiple cloud platforms and licensing options.

“Akasia discovered our environment and showed us right-sized cloud costs for on-demand as well as reserved instances. We loved the simplicity and clarity of the Akasia application.”

Andrew NG

Infrastructure Services Manager, Chevron

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