Recent trends in Cloud Costing.

In a review of over 5000 VMs that were put through our cloud cost modeling tool, we distilled some interesting factoids:

  1. AWS costs were lowest across all the major clouds with the exception of custom templates in GCP (a relatively new entrant to the market)
  2. Clever pricing and services from AWS RDS and Google Cloud SQL makes  it compelling to migrate on-premise databases to these clouds
  3. Microsoft and IBM offer enterprise license agreements and other discounts that obfuscate their published pricing. However, customers still like to do side-by-side cost modeling to have costing data to compare with their final costs

What makes a planning tool useful? Here is what a survey completed by 35 customers told us:

The tool

– discovers the on-premise environment,

– models costs for VMs in bulk,

– retains the on-premise cost-performance tuning to carry over to the cloud,

– suggests advanced cloud services such as load balancers, networking services, OS versions, etc.,

– stays currents with latest pricing and deals to show cost saving recommendations across all the mega clouds, and

– performs all these steps in minutes


We found this chart of cloud market share and revenue that we thought our readers may find interesting – you can read the original article hereCloud Planning, Cloud Migration, Cloud Cost Modeling, Cloud Cost Calculators