Basefarm is a European Managed Service Provider who specializes in managing applications that run in a hybrid (on-premise and in the cloud) environment.

They contacted us because several of their clients ask about the cost differentials as they migrate applications to the cloud or back into their data centers. Our engagement with them followed the usual flow of

  • downloading the Akasia Saas On-Prem Collector and generating on-prem VM data files in CSV format
  • uploading the on-prem CSV data files to Akasia SaaS
  • performing the cloud mapping for the on-prem VMs to calculate the costs of equivalent and right-sized cloud templates
  • completing the cloud modeling by adding cloud advanced services such as load balancers, storage, IP addresses, network, support, etc.
  • reviewing the side-by-side costs of the applications on-prem vs. in the cloud

The client ordered these items as part of their initial migration into AWS:

  • equivalent VM templates – t2.medium (Windows) to t2.xlarge (Windows)
  • right-sized VM templates – t2.nano (Windows) to t2.medium (Windows)
  • data transfer out from EC2 to the internet (100GB)
  • EBS (200GB)
  • 8 Elastic IP addresses
  • 4 Elastic load balancers
  • Business Support

See the Akasia on-prem to AWS modeling report here.

Based on the modeling project Basefarm and Akasia have signed a partnership agreement to help Basefarms clients to make intelligent data-driven migration decisions for their applications in a hybrid environment.