AWS vs. Azure – A Features Comparison

In August we worked with a client who was evaluating AWS and Azure as potential destinations for their on-premise applications. We created a chart comparing the high level features of AWS and Azure. The chart showed interesting insights.

As you examine the features you can see the a pattern emerging around the strengths of the two platforms –

The Open Source, Linux, and Developer focus of AWS is represented in its superior features for Open Source PaaS offerings and greater benefits for Linux shops

Azure’s enterprise-centric PaaS solutions as well a features like license mobility underscore its deep understanding of enterprise environments

AWS is prioritizing enterprise migrations as evidenced by its features such as AWS Server Migration Service, AWS Database Migration Service and programs such a AWS Migration Hub and AWS Migration Competency.

With cloud platforms racing to offer attractive solutions, licensing and discounts, it is crucial for enterprises to closely evaluate the business and technical options available to them from AWS and Azure prior to migrating.

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