AIM provides customers with granular planning, cost assessments and bill of materials for transitions from on-premise environments to VMware on Azure

June 13th, 2019, Santa Clara — Akasia, Inc., today announced the availability of Akasia Infrastructure Modeler (AIM) for customers that want to run VMware environments on bare metal servers in Azure. AIM delivers granular bill of materials and projected costs of running workloads in the cloud should they be migrated from on-premise environments to any public cloud.

Customers can start modeling for migrations to VMware on Azure by creating an account in AIM at and discovering their on-premise environments.

Akasia offers a complete suite of cloud planning solutions for lift & shift migrations as well as new deployments in the cloud including
• The Akasia Infrastructure Modeler (AIM) for lift & shift migrations: AIM is a SaaS application that discovers on-premise resources, and maps them to equivalent and right-sized cloud templates in minutes. In addition to mapping every VM to a cloud template, AIM’s cost assessment includes “hidden costs” such as network and I/O that incur additional charges in the cloud, and additional cloud services that need to be ordered to build a full environment in the cloud.
AIM Cloud Modeling Reports provide a granular cost comparison for on-premise vs. various clouds and a comprehensive cloud bill of materials that forms a starting point for lift and shift cloud migration projects.

• The Akasia Cloud Modeler (ACM) for new cloud deployments: ACM is a SaaS application that allows a user to select and configure cloud-native resources such as serverless computing, cloud storage and cloud data bases, etc. and compare the costs across different clouds.
ACM always has the latest cloud resource list and prices, and is the go-to planning solution for refactoring to cloud-native options.

• The Akasia Cloud Experts (ACE): ACE is a team of cloud experts who provide services involved in cost planning, bill of materials, performance estimates, comparisons across clouds and migration services. Akasia SaaS tools are easy to use and ACE further simplifies and expedites cloud transition projects so that organizations can transition to the cloud confidently.

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About Akasia, Inc.
Akasia,, is a leading provider of easy to use SaaS cloud planning solutions such as the Akasia Infrastructure Modeler and the Akasia Cloud Mapper. Akasia’s solutions help enterprises plan transitions to the cloud by projecting granular costs and bill of materials needed to replace on-premise resources with cloud resources, or build out a new hybrid infrastructure. Akasia’s SaaS solutions can be accessed at It is headquartered in Santa Clara, CA and founders have deep expertise in building enterprise technology with prior stints at VMware, Commvault, Sun Microsystems and Gale Technologies.

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