We are pleased announce that the Akasia Infrastructure Modeler now supports modeling VMware on IBM Cloud Bare Metal.

Bare metal systems in the cloud are a popular destination for migrating on-premise VMware environments. After having invested deeply in their VMware implementations, enterprises are justifiably reluctant to migrate off of VMware. However the convenience of cloud deployments is an undeniable attraction for enterprises particularly if they are coming up for a hardware refresh.

The ability to run VMware in the cloud provides enterprises with the best of both worlds – being able to carryover their familiar VMware environment into the convenience of the cloud.

VMware has wholeheartedly embraced the cloud. Per the announcements at VMworld 2019, VMware will support VMware deployments in AWS, Azure, GCP and IBM Cloud. What this means for the customer is that they have a choice of cloud platforms on which to deploy their VMware environments.

IBM Cloud offers the widest array of bare metal servers providing customers with the advantage of highest performance at the lowest costs. The smart ‘VM-packing’ algorithm of the Akasia Infrastructure Modeler selects the most optimal set of IBM bare metal servers within which to place the on-premise VMs.

AIM Free Version Output

Details of modeling VMware on IBM Cloud Bare Metal

To summarize, IBM Cloud Bare Metal is an appealing destination for VMware environments in the cloud for these reasons 

Low Cost:
– IBM Cloud allows for most optimal and compact packing of VMs because it offers a generous choice of 86 bare metal servers compared to
         – 2 systems offered by Azure and GCP; and
         – 9 offered by AWS
– You can bring your own VMware licenses

– VMware admins enthusiastically support migrations of VMware to cloud vs. re-factoring of applications to run on cloud VMs
– It offers the least disruptive path in journey to the Cloud

Visit the product page for VMware on IBM Cloud Bare Metal