Background: Cloud vendors offer a dizzying array of resources with frequently updating configurations and costs leading to continuous need for infrastructure transformation modeling. Akasia’s products parse through millions of permutations of resources to arrive at the most optimal models best fit to custom client requirements. The modeling dataset will soon explode to billions of permutations with containers, microservices, serverless compute and other cloud native resources, creating an ever increasing need for modeling. 

Proven Competitive Differentiation: Akasia’s offers the best-in-class saas tool for “Infrastructure Transformation Modeling”. Having gone through multiple competitive evaluations, Akasia has now become the tool of choice for some of the biggest cloud SI partners. 

Proven ROI: In a recent analysis conducted by a partner, Akasia demonstrated an increase in their annual pipeline of $46M infrastructure revenue and $126M services revenue for 7 customers modeling 35,000 virtual machines. For the 7 customers Akasia demonstrated an annual cost saving from cloud transformation of $35.5M.