Cloud Cost Calculations with Akasia Cloud Modeler (ACM)

ACM is a SaaS platform used by enterprises and consultants to perform cloud modeling and costs comparisons prior to new deployments to AWS, Azure, GCP, IBM Cloud or VMware Cloud in AWS, Azure or IBM Cloud.

ACM follows a 3 step process to visualize cloud costs for new cloud deployments

How ACM Works

ACM Customer Case Study

The market intelligence team at a large enterprise was required to stay abreast of the latest cloud services and the costs to provide guidance to their sales teams and input to executives.

The team found it impossible to manually up to date with comparing and configuring the various cloud options until they found ACM.

With ACM they simply plug in the services they want to compare and they get the comparisons of the options from the major cloud vendors.

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Select New Cloud Services

Select cloud services from ACM’s list of categories. The categories include compute, network, storage, data services, AI, media, IoT and all other services available in major cloud platforms.


Configure the Services

Once you have selected the cloud services, you configure them based on your needs. ACM offers guidance through the configuration steps to simplify and expedite the process.

Compare Cloud Costs

ACM modeling results show side by side cost comparisons for running the selected services in AWS, Azure, GCP, IBM Cloud and Oracle Cloud.

ACM Screenshots