Cost Optimization for On-Prem to Cloud Migrations
Akasia Infrastructure Modeler (AIM)

AIM is a SaaS platform used by enterprises and consultants to perform cloud modeling prior to lift & shift migrations from their on-premises environments to AWS, Azure, GCP, IBM Cloud or VMware Cloud in AWS, Azure or IBM Cloud.

AIM follows a 3 step process to assess cloud costs for your on-premises workloads

Example AIM Output

See how enterprises benefit from AIM


Havebury modeled Azure equivalent resources for their on-prem workloads…



Apache modeled costs for multiple clouds for their on-prem environment…



Chevron clarifies cloud costs for as-is and right-sized resources prior to migration…


How AIM Works

Discover Your On-Premises Infrastructure

AIM discovers applications, virtual machines and physical hosts, their configurations and usage patterns to give you a jumpstart in modeling their costs in the cloud.

Our discovery is agentless and takes only minutes to complete.

Compare Cloud Costs

AIM modeling results clearly show side by side comparisons of on-premise vs. cloud, and also compares costs for running the same resources in AWS, Azure, GCP, IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud and VMware Cloud.

Map to Cloud Resources

After the discovery AIM presents a list of equivalent and right sized cloud resources that form the baseline for your cloud modeling.

AIM's mapping includes "hidden costs" such as network usage and IO to produce realistic cloud cost estimates and prevent surprise costs in the cloud.

Add Cloud Services

You can add cloud services such as load balancers, cloud storage, applications and support to flesh out your cloud model to a realistic form.

Now you have the full cloud bill of materials that is the equivalent of your on-premises infrastructure.

Features and Screenshots