Akasia Right Sizing

How Akasia Right Sizing saves 30-60% in Cloud Costs:

Not all resources allocated to an on-premise VM are typically utilized. While planning for cloud migrations enterprises may choose to only migrate used capacity as opposed to allocated capacity and save 30-60% costs in the cloud.

Akasia analyzes and displays allocated vs. used resources for each VM and allows the user to view cloud costs for allocated (1-1 mapping) and used (right-sized) resources. This process, done manually for more than 10 VMs can take several weeks, but with Akasia it takes minutes.

The screenshot shows the allocated/right-sized templates and storage options selected for the VMs, and the savings from right-sizing in AWS per month.

You can click on the tabs for AWS, Azure, GCP or SoftLayer to view the allocated/right-sized templates for each cloud. View the Summary tab to see which cloud saves you the most from right-sizing.

AWS Right-Sizing


About Akasia CloudView Software:

If you are planning on migrating internal VMs to AWS, Azure, GCP or SoftLayer you have to first determine the closest equivalent cloud template. After that typically you would fill out complex spreadsheets to calculate your operational cloud costs.

Akasia CloudView reduces your cloud cost planning to 2 simple steps and under a minute by automatically presenting the closest equivalent templates in each cloud, and the costs associated with the templates.

Akasia CloudView also calculates hidden cloud costs arising from IO transactions and network bandwidth utilization that are typically free on-premise, but incur charges in the cloud. With Akasia you prevent cost surprises in the cloud AND save 30-60% by right-sizing!

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