Akasia SaaS Beta Program

Welcome to the Akasia SaaS Beta Site! This program ended on October 15th, 2016

In the Akasia SaaS Beta Program you can beta test our latest release of Akasia and compare cloud costs for your on-premise infrastructure for free.


What is new in our new release:

  1. It is a SaaS application. So, now you can have the instant gratification of comparing cloud costs without installing software
  2. Additional charts comparing compute, network, storage, IOPS, etc. – so you can see the cost variance between clouds for each of these elements
  3. Improved usability with easier navigation and intuitive graphs


What is same in our new release:

  1. Ability to customize on-premise costs
  2. Compare on-premise costs to costs in AWS, Azure, SoftLayer and GCP
  3. Recommendations for equivalent cloud templates
  4. Recommendations for right-sized cloud templates for additional savings
  5. Ability to order advanced cloud services such as load balancers, support, etc. to build realistic cloud cost models


How to sign up for the beta program:

  1. Enter your email address below and click “Submit”. You will be taken to the Akasia SaaS site where you should create an account.
  2. After logging in navigate to the “Manage source data” area. Download the remote collector for your local vCenter and upload the on-premise data files created by the remote collector
  3. Email us at and we will add free 500 points to your account. This will allow you to model 50 VMs
  4. Model your VMs and send us feedback at


As a “thank you”, you get to keep the cloud cost modeling results for 50 VMs for free! Do you want to know what your on-premise VMs would cost if you ran them in the cloud? This is an amazing opportunity to do this for free! Our beta program ends on October 15th 2016 so sign up now!

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