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View On-Demand Webinar: Save 30-60% costs by proactively modeling Google Cloud Platform costs for your on-premise applications!

Webinar Date: Tue, June 21, 2016

The Google Cloud Platform is becoming an attractive destination for data center workloads because of its breadth of offerings such as
– Pre-defined templates
– Custom templates
– Pre-emptive templates
– Cloud SQL templates

This webinar describes the 3 steps involved in modeling the most optimal GCP templates for your on-premise workloads.
1. Discover your on-premise infrastructure
2. Right-Size the VMs to see additional savings in GCP
3. Model the equivalent and most cost-effective GCP templates.

The webinar also features a live demo of how you can use the Akasia Software to model the most cost-effective GCP templates for your on-premise workloads in minutes.

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