Customer Story

Apache calculates costs for multiple clouds to select a cloud destination



Apache was considering the cloud as a destination for their on-prem workloads. Their migration decision was to be made on comparisons of their on-prem costs vs. cloud costs.

Their challenges were:

Performing an “apples to apples” comparison of their on-prem costs to cloud costs. Their on-prem costs were in the form of CAPEX and OPEX while cloud costs are typically hourly or monthly.

Calculating cloud cost estimates for their on-prem workloads for as-is and right-sized resource utilization for over 300 VMs

Examining cloud-native resources that could be a viable replacement for their on-prem applications

Knowing that their requirements were too complex to calculate manually and finding Akasia’s features were superior to other tools in the industry Apache purchased Akasia licenses to perform their cost modeling.

How Akasia answered Apache’s questions:

  • Akasia’s on-prem to cloud cost normalization algorithm converted the on-prem costs to a monthly per VM cost figure which could now be compared against monthly cloud costs.
  • Akasia also mapped Apache’s on-prem environment to AWS and Azure for as-is and right-sized VMs.
  • With the insights presented by Akasia Apache noted that AWS offered the most cost effective options for their on-prem ERP workload.
  • Apache was able to examine their costs for on-prem vs. cloud in an “apples to apples” comparison and make an informed decision about cloud migration.

Akasia gave us clarity on on-prem vs cloud costs. We got insights into cloud resources that we didn’t know about thanks to Akasia’s recommendations,” said Pavan Bukkapuram, SAP Basis Lead at Apache