Automated Cloud Planning

Every enterprise is planning for the cloud but their progress in migrating to the cloud is hamstrung because of the complexity of planning for the cloud. Most on-premise environments are carefully tuned for cost, performance and security. In order to migrate the on-premise workload to the cloud, the IT manager or architect has to map their on-premise environment to cloud architectures and roughly a million cloud options. The only way to select the most optimal cloud environment is through automated cloud planning.

As an example, if we examine the options available in public clouds: 

  • AWS EC2 with 100+ products and their variations and licensing/discounts ► 114,000 options
  • Add other non-EC2 products ► 300,000+ options
  • Add options from other clouds ► 700,000+ options

Permutations and combinations of cloud options are rapidly growing and changing

To narrow down the list of cloud options you should first identify your preferences in the technical and business considerations. 

The Akasia Cloud Planning Process

Cloud planning requires examining the on-premise data (configuration as well as utilization), mapping to the most optimal cloud resources, adding cloud-native resources and building the cloud bill of materials in preparation of migration.

Ready to start planning for cloud?

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