Basefarm is a European Managed Service Provider who specializes in managing applications that run in a hybrid (on-premise and in the cloud) environment.

Our customers are happy with the cost analysis done by AkasiaCloud. We find that their decisions to migrate on-premise applications to the cloud take place faster because of AkasiaCloud,” said Trond Bjerkvold, Konsultent at Basefarm Professional Services.


Challenges faced by Basefarm:

Basefarm performs application migrations to the cloud on a regular basis and frequently ran into delays and complexity around cost differentials between on-premise and cloud.  While they answered the questions with spreadsheets they had these challenges with the spreadsheet method:

  • they were always out of date given cloud providers change costs frequently

  • spreadsheets did not factor in hidden costs such as network usage and I/O that are chargeable items in the cloud

“Our customers were dissatisfied with just estimates of cloud costs for their on-premise applications and demanded granular cost break downs before they migrated their on-premise applications to the cloud,” said Trond Bjerkvold, Konsultent at Basefarm Professional Services.

How AkasiaCloud solved the problem:

Basefarm used our SaaS solution to perform cost planning for a client. Our engagement with them followed the usual flow of

  • downloading the Akasia Saas On-Prem Collector and generating on-prem VM data files in CSV format
  • uploading the on-prem CSV data files to Akasia SaaS
  • performing the cloud mapping for the on-prem VMs to calculate the costs of equivalent and right-sized cloud templates
  • completing the cloud modeling by adding cloud advanced services such as load balancers, storage, IP addresses, network, support, etc.
  • reviewing the side-by-side costs of the applications on-prem vs. in the cloud

The client ordered these items as part of their initial migration into AWS:

  • equivalent VM templates – t2.medium (Windows) to t2.xlarge (Windows)
  • right-sized VM templates – t2.nano (Windows) to t2.medium (Windows)
  • data transfer out from EC2 to the internet (100GB)
  • EBS (200GB)
  • 8 Elastic IP addresses
  • 4 Elastic load balancers
  • Business Support

Based on the modeling project Basefarm and Akasia have signed a partnership agreement to help Basefarm’s clients to make intelligent data-driven migration decisions for their applications in a hybrid environment.