Customer Story

Chevron clarifies cloud costs prior to migration

Chevron wanted to migrate their on-prem workloads to the cloud but wanted to get a granular cost projection in order to make a business justification for migration as well as for post-migration budgeting. They narrowed down their cloud platform options to AWS and Azure. Their requirements were to compare costs for on-demand and reserved-instance as well as examine right-sized cost savings.

Given the number of VMs (over 300) and the various combinations they wanted to model (AWS On Demand, AWS Reserved Instance, Azure On Demand, Azure Reserved Instance; and as-is and right-sized costs for all platforms) Chevron knew that planning for the cloud manually was impossible. They purchased Akasia licenses to help them build cloud cost models for their on-prem environment.

How Akasia met Chevron’s requirements:

Chevron first discovered their on-prem environment using the Akasia Infrastructure Modeler (AIM). The discovered data included applications and infrastructure configuration such as allocated resources to VMs (as-is) and utilized resources (right-sized). Once the on-prem data was uploaded into AIM it presented them with 2 lists of cloud resources – as-is and right-sized. In addition AIM built the lists for AWS as well as Azure along with compute, network and storage costs for both platforms. Next the Chevron’s  IT architect modeled costs for AWS and Azure On Demand and Right Sized options.

AIM gave Chevron granular and accurate cloud cost models for all the combinations they were interested in. Furthermore, AIM’s elegant architecture and user experience made the process smooth and quick.

The cloud models prepared by the Akasia Infrastructure Modeler gave us incredible clarity about what we could expect to pay if we migrated our on-prem VMs to the cloud. The entire cloud planning process from discovery to mapping, what-if analysis and modeling was intuitive and easy,” said Andrew Ng, AVP Infrastructure Services at Chevron