Customer Story

Akasia helps Cognizant accelerate cloud assessments

Cognizant is a leading systems integrator who performs cloud assessments for enterprises whose data centers they manage.

Before Cognizant purchased Akasia their consultants manually calculated cloud cost estimates in cloud assessments. In situations where they needed to build a detailed cloud cost projection the consultants manually mapped on-prem VMs to cloud templates using spreadsheets in a process they described as “painful”. As the number of cloud Knowing that they needed to automate the cloud planning process they turned to Akasia. 

Armed with Akasia Cognizant has accelerated and streamlined cloud assessments for their clients by 

  • Discovering the on-premise environment in minutes
  • Creating “modeling groups” of workloads that are targets for migrations
  • Comparing costs for the modeling group in AWS, Azure, IBM Cloud, GCP, Oracle Cloud and VMware Cloud in AWS
  • Examining savings from right-sizing in the cloud
  • Delivering the cloud bill of materials and cost estimates on the same day as opposed to after several weeks prior to Akasia.

With Akasia powering our cloud assessments our clients are able to make data-driven decisions regarding cloud migrations. Akasia’s intuitive interface is a pleasure to use and its sophisticated cloud mapping algorithms present us with the most optimal cloud resources – something that is impossible to identify manually,” says Jagan Kaveripakam, Chief Architect at Cognizant. 

What used to be a painful, error-prone manual process is now a quick, intelligent and accurate step in Cognizants’s cloud assessment service that their clients find immensely useful as they plan for cloud migrations.