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Akasia Infrastructure Modeler (AIM) for GCP Migrations

Cloud planning for lift & shift migrations to GCP

Model your GCP costs for your on-prem resources in minutes

AIM is a SaaS application that discovers on-premise resources and maps them to equivalent and right-sized GCP templates in minutes.

AIM reports provide you with an GCP bill of materials and costs that are a starting point for migrating your on-premise resources to the cloud.

Prevent cost surprises in GCP with granular and accurate mapping on on-premise resources to GCP templates for both fully allocated as well as right-sized VMs.

In addition to mapping every VM to a cloud template, AIM’s cost assessment includes “hidden costs” such as network and I/O that incur additional charges and GCP cloud services that need to be ordered to build a full environment in GCP.

“Akasia Infrastructure Modeler helped us determine which cloud platform was most cost effective and helped us build a granular bill of materials for migrating my 1000+ VMs to the cloud. In addition, AIM showed me my cost savings in the cloud and highlighted further cost savings by right-sizing that impressed my management team.” Pavan Bukkapuram

Migration Planner, Apache Corp

AIM for GCP in Action

Akasia Cloud Modeler (ACM) for GCP

Planning tool for new GCP deployments    Compare GCP costs with AWS, Azure, IBM Cloud and Oracle Cloud

Many enterprises are foregoing lift & shift migrations to the cloud due to the cost and complexity of refactoring on-premise applications for the cloud. Instead they prefer to build new environments in the cloud to take advantage of cloud-native resources such as serverless computing, cloud databases, IOT etc.

Cloud architects, systems engineers and consultants who are planning for new deployments in the cloud use ACM to quickly and easily build a cloud deployment and compare cloud resources in 3 simple steps.


Select Cloud Services

Select cloud services from ACM’s list of categories. The categories include compute, network, storage, data services, AI, media, IoT and all other services available in major cloud platforms.

Configure the Services

Once you have selected the cloud services, you configure them based on your needs. ACM offers guidance through the configuration steps to simplify and expedite the process.

Compare Cloud Costs

ACM modeling results clearly show side by side cost comparisons for running the selected services in AWS, Azure, GCP, IBM Cloud and Oracle Cloud.

ACM Screenshots

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