Customer Story

How Havebury got cost insights for Azure prior to migration

Havebury had chosen Azure as their cloud destination of choice for their migration project. They now needed to determine which Azure resources they should select to run their workloads. They needed a cloud planning solution that could discover their on-prem infrastructure, their configurations and utilization,  and model the closest equivalent infrastructure in Azure.

After evaluating cloud planning solutions from Microsoft and Akasia they decided to purchase Akasia licenses to perform their cloud planning.

Akasia solved their cloud planning challenges by:

  • Discovering their on-prem infrastructure including workloads, VMs, their confuguration and utilization
  • Mapping the on-prem infrastructure to Azure templates for as-is and right-sized templates
  • Allowing Azure-native resources such as security, firewalls, etc. to be included in the model
  • Including on-prem network and IO usage in the Azure cloud model to ensure there were no cost surprises
  • Presenting the costs for on-prem, Azure as-is and Azure right-sized side by side to give Havebury clarity on cost savings in Azure

We were able to identify the closest equivalent Azure templates for our on-prem environment in minutes. The costs comparison clarity we got from Akasia was invaluable in helping us make an informed choice in our migration to Azure,” said Richard Last, Systems Specialist at Havebury, UK.

Havebury saved more than a month of discovery, research and mapping by using the Akasia Infrastucture Modeler to model their on-prem environment for the cloud.