The IT department within MoneyMart wanted to understand whether or not they should migrate to the cloud. Their decision hinged on cost savings in the cloud. Their on-prem environment consisted of applications running on over 600 VMware VMs. They were considering refactoring to either AWS or Azure.

The IT department found the process of cloud modeling daunting for these reasons –

  • Identifying the cloud equivalent for each of their 600+ on-prem VMs from the 200+ cloud options would be time-consuming and error prone
  • They knew that their on-prem environment was over-provisioned but they didn’t know by how much. They also wanted to right-size as they planned for the cloud and not carry over idle capacity
  • They knew that there would be surprise cost items such as network and IO in the cloud and they didn’t know how to estimate their costs
  • They wanted to perform “what-if” analysis such as use a horizontally scaled architecture with load balancers for some workloads and vertically scaled architecture for other workloads and understand the impact on cloud costs for varying architectures

How Akasia solved MoneyMart’s problem:

With the Akasia Infrastructure Modeler (AIM) MoneyMart first discovered their on-prem environment including allocated resources to VMs (as-is) and utilized resources (right-sized). Once the on-prem data was uploaded into AIM it presented them with 2 lists of cloud resources – as-is and right-sized. In addition AIM built the lists for AWS as well as Azure along with compute, network and storage costs for both platforms. Next the MoneyMart IT architect modeled various architecture options – horizontally scaled and vertically scaled, with and without cloud-native resources such as cloud databases.

They saved each cloud model in AIM and examined the costs side by side to discuss with their management and use the data to direct their cloud migration decision.

The Akasia Infrastructure Modeler was invaluable in identifying the closest equivalents for our on-prem VMs and allowing us to model various architectures in the cloud. We loved the speed and accuracy of AIM and how quickly it provided us with the data we needed to make our cloud migration decision,” said Chris Halling-Brown, Senior System Administrator at MoneyMart.