Customer Story

Paperclip was considering migrating 300 VMs to the cloud and was trying to choose between AWS and Azure. Rocco Alfonzetti, member of professional services at Paperclip contacted Akasia to understand cloud costs for his 300 VMs.
Rocco wanted a side-by-side comparison of his on-prem vs. AWS vs. Azure costs to be able to show his management and help arrive at a decision for which cloud platform to chose.

He created an account in the Akasia Infrastructure Modeler (AIM) and downloaded the remote collector which allowed him to discover his on-prem VMs, their configuration and usage. Once he uploaded the data into AIM he was able to calculate the costs of running them on-prem, in AWS and in Azure, and model various options for cost savings in the cloud such as application up-time and right-sizing.


Visualizing cloud costs manually for 300 VMs and understanding cloud savings from right-sizing was impossible.

Akasia presented side-by-side costs savings with easy to understand charts in minutes!

Akasia is an intuitive application that solves a complex problem.

Rocco Alfonzetti

member of professional services, Paperclip

Results Delivered by Akasia

Rocco was able to view cost models for on-prem vs. AWS vs. Azure side by side and present to management to aid with the decision to migrate to cloud.

Akasia reports included cost models for AWS On-Demand and Reserved Instance, and Azure On-Demand and Reserved Instance. In addition he performed what-if analysis to visualize additional savings from deploying elastic architecture in AWS and Azure as his workload had intermittent peaks in usage.

Akasia’s output report helped convince PaperClip of the savings in the cloud and get clarity on monthly costs they can expect to incur in AWS or Azure.