Webinar: Compare Cloud Costs

Recorded: March 27th 2019

How do the costs of AWS, Azure, GCP, IBM Cloud and VMware Cloud compare? During this webinar we will use Akasia to model the same workload for each of these clouds and compare costs. We will also highlight opportunities for costs optimizations in the cloud – such as right-sizing, application up-time, elastic infrastructure, Bring-your-own-license, etc.

Who should view this recording:

An IT manager or cloud architect who would like to understand the cost of running a workload in the cloud for these use cases:

– Migrating on-premise workloads to the cloud
– Model costs for a workload prior to migrating to the cloud
        – Model various cloud cost savings options in the cloud prior to migrations such as On-Demand, Reserved-Instance, Elastic Infrastructure, Windows Licensing, Right-Sizing, etc.

– Deploying a new environment in the cloud
 – Model the new environment – IaaS, PaaS or SaaS in the Akasia Cloud Modeler prior to deploying the environment in the cloud
         – Compare costs for the new environment in AWS, Azure, GCP, IBM Cloud and Oracle Cloud

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