Understanding the costs and options for moving existing applications or workloads to the public cloud is a complex and “moving target” problem. Akasia CloudView takes all the guesswork out of the equation, and allows you to optimize for performance, cost, or other critical factors. All in under an hour.

View this webinar recording to learn how Akasia CloudView models cost, options, and capacity in AWS in minutes!

Akasia CloudView is a must-have tool for enterprise, mid-size, and SMB organizations considering the public cloud for their on-prem applications.

Akasia CloudView discovers on-prem workloads and, in seconds, suggests equivalent resources in various public clouds such as AWS, Azure, SoftLayer and Google Cloud Platform. Akasia CloudView can then perform right-sizing or what-if modeling to determine optimal cost-performance for your workloads if they ran in AWS.

The webinar also features customers who use Akasia CloudView to model costs of running their on-prem workloads in AWS.

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