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Akasia Infrastructure Modeler (AIM) for VMware on Azure

Cloud planning for lift & shift migrations to VMware on Azure

Model costs and bill of materials for your on-premise resources in minutes

AIM is a SaaS application that discovers on-premise resources and maps them to equivalent and right-sized bare metal systems in minutes.

AIM reports provide you with a bill of materials and costs that are a starting point for migrating your on-premise resources to VMware on Azure.

Proactively model the most optimized and accurate costs for VMware in Azure  with granular mapping of your on-premise VMware resources to Azure hosts for both fully allocated as well as right-sized VMs.

In addition to mapping every VM to a cloud template, AIM’s cost assessment includes “hidden costs” such as network and I/O that incur additional charges and additional services that need to be ordered to build a full environment in Azure

“Akasia Infrastructure Modeler helped us determine which cloud platform was most cost effective and helped us build a granular bill of materials for migrating my 1000+ VMs to the cloud. In addition, AIM showed me my cost savings in the cloud and highlighted further cost savings by right-sizing that impressed my management team.”

Pavan Bukkapuram

Migration Planner, Apache Corp

Our Modeling solution for VMware on Azure is in Beta! If you would like to model VMware on Azure immediately we are happy to help you! Email us at

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