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Akasia Infrastructure Modeler (AIM) for VMware on IBM Cloud

Akasia finds the most optimal IBM Cloud Bare Metal Systems for your on-premise VMware environments

AIM is a SaaS application that discovers on-premise VMware environments and models “packing” them into the highly performant cloud bare metal servers.

The AIM model for VMware on IBM Cloud Bare Metal presents the most cost effective set of servers into which you can pack your on-premise VMS.


“AIM discovered my on-premise VMware environment and showed me the most optimal set of bare metal servers to order in IBM Cloud – all in minutes!”

Cloud Architect

Migration Lead, Large Network Company

AIM for VMware in IBM Cloud Bare Metal in Action

Advantages of IBM Cloud for VMware:

Low Cost:
– IBM Cloud allows for most optimal and compact packing of VMs because it offers a generous choice of 86 bare metal servers compared to
         – 2 systems offered by Azure and GCP; and
         – 9 offered by AWS
– You can bring your own VMware licenses

Least Disruption: 
– VMware admins enthusiastically support migrations of VMware to cloud vs. re-factoring of applications to run on cloud VMs
– It offers the least disruptive path in journey to the Cloud

Use AIM to model IBM Cloud’s bare metal systems for your on-premise environment.

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